Things you need to know about insurance

The following are the exceptions of the insurance company.

The following are the exceptions of the insurance company.

Direct or indirect participation as a result of intent and participation in criminal or fraudulent acts

Natural causes and disasters such as avalanches, floods, earthquakes and everything related to geology

Terrorist incidents or group riots

Armed conflict in peacetime

International war or intervention using violence

Direct or indirect effects of radioactivity, contamination by nuclear radiation or its facilities

Incidents of betting, conflict and litigation (excluding self-defense)

Diseases before insuring

Injuries due to participation in competitions and public sports

Participate in racing and motorcycling competitions in any way, racing, hunting animals outside Europe, scuba diving using air capsules, sailing in international waters with a vehicle not designed for public passenger transport, Horse riding, mountaineering, cave climbing, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, parachuting, ballooning, free fall or any other dangerous sport

Participate in sports federation competitions

Skiing and other dangerous winter sports

Accidents due to occupational hazards

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