What are the types of international insurance contracts

International contracts insurance for imported transport

Imported cargo insurance covers about 90% of the total volume of cargo insurance. This insurance policy protects the goods that are purchased by Iranian companies and traders from different countries of the world, which cover the goods from the country of origin of the “country from which the goods were purchased” to the “intended warehouse ” destination. This insurance policy is a required document that exists to attract credit in banks and their purpose to protect the interests of traders and importers and ultimately to protect the national interest.

International Export Transport Insurance Contracts

Given the importance of non-oil exports in the country and the value that Iran places on encouraging exporters, this insurance policy is provided to exporters to support exporters and ultimately protect national interests. Accordingly, the goods exported from our country to the destination country “country to which the goods are exported” are covered.

Export insurance policies are the same as imported insurance policies, so the initial offer form and the export insurance form are exactly the same as the imported insurance policies, and all the cases mentioned in the topic of imported insurance are also valid for export insurance. Only in export freight insurance, the origin of transportation is one of the cities of Iran and the destination is one of the foreign countries.

Maritime transport insurance

According to the terms of this insurance policy, the insurer will compensate the insured when all the goods and cargo have been destroyed during transportation due to one of the risks of the sea, and therefore if the bulk of the goods are lost and only a small amount is remained, the insurer will have no obligation to compensate the goods

Land transport insurance

Owners of goods to protect their assets must make sure they are covered by freight insurance when transported on land. Transportation insurance on land is a supplement to maritime insurance, which usually has the same coverage of several risks.

The most important of these are damages caused by a vehicle accident “fire, theft, collision and Vehicle rollovers ” and breakage, rust, theft and non-delivery of goods that must have occurred as a result of the vehicle accident, usually the validity of land transport insurance policies from The delivery time of the insured goods ends at the destination stated in the insurance policy

Aviation insurance

With the expansion of market capacity through group insurance and due to the rapid development of the aircraft industry and especially commercial aviation, extensive efforts have been made to improve and modify insurance policies to provide the necessary coverage for various types of risks required in the market.

Legal regime governing international insurance contracts

A law governing international treaties is a law or legal system that is discovered and determined by the rules of conflict resolution of national law and controls and validates the contract or deems it invalid. In recent years, the rules for resolving laws that are in the best interest of countries have been developed in order to further recognize the sovereignty or independence of the will of the parties. These rules have left the determination of the law governing the contract to the parties to the contract, and for this purpose have laid down rules for both the explicit and implicit will of the parties.

In the method of selecting the applicable law, the parties may explicitly choose the law that governs their contract by placing a selection clause in the contract, or implicitly choose a law that governs their contract. If the parties do not choose the law, then the rules of conflict of the rules of the seat of the court determine the applicable law in another way, that is, they have set rules for the state of uncertainty or lack of will.

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